ARKAMYS’ immersive audio in-vehicle infotainment

ARKAMYS has collaborated with NXP, the world’s largest supplier of automotive semiconductors, to improve in-vehicle audio quality and enhance the user experience for head unit systems, from entry-level to luxury audio systems, for instance from 4 up to 8 channels and from 2 to 16 speakers. The market for class-D head units in automotive is expected to grow 15% between 2018 and 2022. NXP provides the BAP3 Class-D amplifier product family with the aim to significantly reduce external BOM cost, and provide unprecedented sound performance that is scalable from automotive head units to high voltage sound systems.

The advent of hybrid, electric and autonomous cars creates new experiences with immersive high-quality audio, to meet the demands of drivers and passengers. The audio landscape for automotive infotainment is increasingly complex, constantly requiring applications and connectivity. ARKAMYS Audio SoundStage solutions are 100% software, cost-effective and scalable, from SoundStage Classic (enhanced bass performance) to Soundstage Advanced (3D spatialization) and SoundStage High (premium sound). They are implemented within the reconfigurable advanced set of tools ARKAMYS Graph Designer, meeting the car industry needs for open and modular architecture to enable fast prototyping and system design for in-vehicle digital signal processing


ARKAMYS plans to support the upcoming i.MX8 applications processors

Remote Sound Adjustment Toolset connection to NXP’s i.MX 6 applications processors also allows in-car cabin real time tuning operations, allowing car equipment manufacturers to define algorithm parameters specific to each vehicle’s acoustics. ARKAMYS’ experts also help sound professionals to create customized sound signatures that reflect the car OEMs brand and image. 

Tablet based HMI connection to the i.MX 6 applications processor offers automotive audio HMI facilities: automotive customers will benefit from audio content selection, ambiences selection and audio rendering controls.

“Our 100% software, scalable and cost-effective solution is already embedded in 43 million cars worldwide, including in the ROEWE RX5 connected cars (SAIC/Alibaba) with a customized sound signature.” said Philippe Tour, CEO of ARKAMYS. “We are thrilled to offer unparalleled audio quality for in-vehicle infotainment through our collaboration with NXP, and we are confident that the enhanced user experience provided to drivers and passengers will convince OEMs and car manufacturers”